AUSFILM – August 2022: Going Carbon Neutral

CATO Location Services is turning its emissions into trees and going carbon neutral!

CATO Location Services has committed to becoming a carbon neutral company. Working together with Carbon Neutral the business is in the process of measuring, reducing, and finally offsetting emissions.

Kieran Cato, says, “We recognise it’s time to evolve CATO into a business that cares not only about our people, clients, products and services but one that doesn’t ignore its impact on the environment. Our aim is to complete the project by the end of this year and we are on track to do it.”

Offsets can be purchased for a range of verified projects including biodiverse reforestation, protecting threatened species by safeguarding habitats and solar and wind power innovations.

Kieran Cato started the business almost ten years ago when he saw a need for a company to offer multiple services to the industry, and started by offering Unit, Traffic, Security and Cleaning. He never could have imagined then that CATO would evolve into the business it is today.

Kieran, says, “We encourage any businesses big or small to join us and would love to help with the information and knowledge we’ve gained in getting to this point. Please make contact if we can help by sharing what we’ve learnt so far.”

Any input, questions or comments regarding this project and CATO’s journey to carbon neutrality can be sent to Kara Eggleston, who is leading the project.