AUSFILM – July 2022: On-Set Rapid Antigen Testing with CATO.

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COVID Safety

As COVID-19 becomes a normal part of everyday life and work in Australia, CATO Location Services continues to provide Covid Safety Services to the events, film and television industries.

Established in 2020, COVIDTest is a subsidiary business created to help quickly and easily supply industry clients with TGA-approved COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests for on-set use. With the recent revision of the COVID-19 reinfection period from NSW Health, many productions will now require crew members to begin retesting for covid after four weeks, rather than twelve weeks, after a COVID-19 case.

The entertainment industry in Australia has been a pioneer in Covid Safety since the first days of the pandemic. Whilst masks are not mandatory in NSW, one of the most effective ways in which Australian productions have moved forward and kept on top of numerous outbreaks is by providing masks and rapid antigen tests to on-set crew members. Since 2020, COVIDTest has assisted some of the top international and Australian production companies to keep crew members safe and ensure the cameras can keep rolling. COVIDTest clients include Screen Queensland, Endemol Shine Australia, Easy Tiger Productions, Ronde Media and Clockwork Films.

To promote the continued implementation of COVID-19 safety measures in the industry, COVIDTest is now offering up to 30% off of Rapid Antigen Tests. For each Rapid Antigen Test purchased, up to three free face masks* will also be provided by the company in an effort to boost PPE usage and the enforcement of preventative measures on Australian film sets. 

*Please see for full details of the promotion. Terms and conditions apply

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