AUSFILM – March 2023: CATO Location Services celebrates women’s contributions to its success and commitment to diversity and inclusion

Originally published on Ausfilm

CATO couldn’t do what it does without the wonderful women who make up 65% of permanent, full-time positions, including four out of six in the management team.

Despite the global challenges of the pandemic, Australia’s position as a thriving screen industry continued to attract international and local productions. CATO Location Services, already well-equipped to handle the demands of a booming industry, experienced a surge in demand for production vehicles, traffic control, security, and unit management services during this time, a demand that hasn’t slowed. The CATO team has continuously evolved to meet the ever-changing industry needs, all the while maintaining a positive attitude.

According to Managing Director Kieran Cato, the increasing number of women in management positions at CATO is a source of pride and inspiration:

“It’s wonderful to see so many talented women progressing in their careers at CATO, both in full-time positions and out in the field as traffic supervisors and unit assistants.”

Some of the team’s notable achievements include Claire O’Mahony’s and Anna Rosa’s promotions to upper management roles during the pandemic, and Cealan Macdonnell’s growth from a traffic controller to a part-time assistant for CATO’s Marketing Manager, Sarah Clark.

CATO is grateful for the hard work, dedication, and motivation that the women on the team bring to the company and is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

L-R: Kieran Cato, Claire O’Mahony, Anna Rosa and Cealan Macdonnell at this year’s International Women’s Day event hosted by Disney Studios