We’re now certified carbon neutral by Climate Active!

CATO is leading the entertainment and construction industries as the first traffic control company to be carbon neutral certified by Climate Active. With over a decade of experience specialising in location services and logistics, CATO delivers innovative and sustainable solutions for environmentally-conscious clients.

The film industry sends ‘thousands of tons of waste to landfills every year’, and the construction industry was ranked in the top three highest polluting industries in 2023. Servicing both areas, I recognised the need for CATO to be a driving force towards environmental sustainability. Continually reducing the business’ impact on the environment is a long-term commitment and remains one of my highest priorities for the company. We’re looking to continually improve and build upon our sustainability efforts. We understand that this is only the first step in an ongoing process and welcome all questions and suggestions.

The accreditation is re-assessed on a yearly basis, and is obtained by measuring, reducing, and finally offsetting carbon emissions. Working with offset provider Carbon Neutral Australia, we were able to accurately measure and assess our carbon footprint before embarking on a journey of impact reduction. Gaining inspiration from resources such as the Complete Green Service Company Production Manual (from industry-based initiative Green the Bid) we implemented a number of changes throughout the business in order to keep carbon emissions as low as possible. 

Some of these changes included the introduction of solar panels on our traffic fleet and film production vehicles, a new waste disposal system, and a single-use-plastic reduction policy. We have also sought partnerships and collaborations with like-minded companies and organisations. We paired up with the brands KeepCup and Rolla Bottle to minimise the amount of sing-use-plastics being used in the day-to-day operations of the business, as well as out on location. Compostable coffee cups and 100% biodegradable water bottles are among some of the other creative solutions which we have employed to reach our carbon neutrality goals. 

To offset all remaining emissions, we purchased carbon offsets with Carbon Neutral Australia’s solar power renewable energy project. Kieran was motivated to invest in solar as it establishes infrastructure for ongoing sources of renewable energy globally. Having worked with individuals and organisations to reduce their impact on the planet for over 20 years, Carbon Neutral Australia is one of the longest standing carbon offset providers in the country. 

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