Safety & Stunts

The events, film and TV industries present unique and unusual work health and safety hazards to their workers and we know safe practice in a safe environment makes for an efficient event or production.

Being vigilant, identifying potential hazards, and being aware of where we are, what we are doing, with what, and to who are a priority that needs to be managed by a professional with accreditation in the State we are working in.

Safety is cost effective in human terms, and economic terms too.

It is a legal requirement to have a safety report completed for every production filmed in Australia.

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AUSFILM – April 2022: CATO is a one stop shop for Limitless while shooting in Australia.

For over ten years CATO Location Services have specialised in providing support to film and TV productions shooting in Australia.

The unique capability to service multiple aspects of a single project has been a key factor in CATO’s growing success over the past decade. For international productions looking for straightforward solutions and reliability while working overseas, CATO ensures simplicity and cost efficiency for the duration of a project by tailoring their services to meet the production’s needs.

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