A closer look at our fully biodegradable and recyclable water bottles…

September 2023

Part of our journey to becoming carbon neutral certified by Climate Active was saying goodbye to microplastics! If you’ve had the CATO unit team or one of our production vehicles on set with you recently, you might have noticed our new water bottles.

We are proud to say that these bottles are 100% landfill biodegradable. This includes everything from the cap to the label, shrink wrap and pallet wrapping. As opposed to regular PET bottles, ours will completely biodegrade within a number of years, leaving no harmful microplastics or toxic residues behind. In fact, as the bottle breaks down and is digested by microbes in the soil it becomes a natural plant fertiliser! 

CATO only provide disposable water bottles to productions on request and encourages cast and crew to bring their own reusable option. However, if water bottles are required, we provide the option with the least impact. Fully recyclable and Made from 100% recycled materials, our new water bottles form part of an ongoing cycle of waste reduction.

The goal is to reduce the percentage of plastic that ends up in landfill altogether, and to minimise the amount of new plastics being created. When you’re done with one of our bottles, throw it in the yellow bin and it can be put to use again and again before going back into the earth. 

One of CATO’s highest priorities as a company is to be continually reducing our impact on the environment. Cutting back on non-biodegradable single-use plastics is another step forward towards this goal.

Find out more about the BIO Bottle here.  

Biodegradable recyclable water bottle

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