Brands We Support

At CATO we make a conscious effort to source products from brands we believe in. When it comes to choosing suppliers for our uniforms, client gifts and various branded products, we seek partnerships with like-minded companies and organisations whose values align with our own. 

CATO have collaborated with brands KeepCup, Rolla Bottle, Bio-Bottle and Bio-Pak to minimise the amount of single-use plastics being used in the day-to-day operations of the business, as well as out on location. In line with our single-use plastic reduction policy, we prioritise the use of reusable coffee cups and water bottles which are made available to clients and all permanent employees. All our disposable coffee cups are either Edible or compostable, and all disposable water bottles are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.  


KeepCup is a Certified B Corporation and 1% For The Planet member. CATO teamed up with KeepCup many years, creating customised coffee cups for our clients and staff. On all unit jobs, as well as at our HQ office, CATO prioritises the use of reusable coffee cups over disposable ones. In July 2023 Managing Director Kieran Cato implemented a ‘no disposable cup’ policy in the office and our full-time team has since been striving towards minimising all unnecessary waste. 

Rolla Bottle

As part of their Jellyfish 10 initiative, Rolla Bottle contribute 10% of their profits towards removing marine plastic pollution from the oceans. By minimising the amount of single use plastic entering our seas, as well as actively contributing towards clean-up campaigns, Rolla Bottle shares our common goal of working towards a greener future. Our customised Rolla Bottle’s are made available to both clients and employees as a sustainable alternative to disposable water bottles in the office and on location. Compact, lightweight and easily transported, Rolla Bottle’s unique design is perfect for our fast paced industry.


BLUNT umbrellas are built to last. At CATO we are pushing back against a corporate culture of unsustainable gifting – Client gifts are often rarely used, easily breakable and increasingly disposable, meaning they ultimately end up straight in landfill. Instead, we have decided to invest in good quality products which are made to last a lifetime. BLUNT is driven by an ethos of sustainability and their umbrellas are designed to be repaired rather than replaced. BLUNT is working towards becoming a Certified B Corporation. 

CATO branded BLUNT umbrella


Part of our journey to becoming carbon neutral certified by Climate Active was saying goodbye to microplastics! We are proud to say that these bottles are 100% landfill biodegradable. This includes everything from the cap to the label, shrink wrap and pallet wrapping. As opposed to regular PET bottles, ours will completely biodegrade within a number of years, leaving no harmful microplastics or toxic residues behind. In fact, as the bottle breaks down and is digested by microbes in the soil it becomes a natural plant fertiliser! 

Biodegradable recyclable water bottle


BioPak is a Certified B Corporation and donates
5% of profits to positive change. Their eco-conscious Bio Cups are made from plants, not plastic, and meet industrial compost standards. CATO uses BioPak’s Bio Cups when a reusable option is unavailable. This includes on unit jobs and with the hire of our coffee van The Grindfather

Bio Pak coffee cups