Event Services

CATO offer a number of specialised services tailored for the events industry. These services include Traffic Management and Planning for events, Security Management for events and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) services. 

We have experience working on events of all sizes, and have been involved with some of the biggest events and productions in Australia’s history. We’ve managed all traffic closures for the iconic City of Sydney and Northern Beaches NYE fireworks for multiple years. In 2023 we worked with North Sydney Council for the first time, successfully managing their New Year’s Eve celebrations also.

The 2022 City of Sydney NYE event was one of the city’s largest events to date, and we proved we can cater to over 1 million people with great success. At Sydney WorldPride’s Pride March 2023 we helped make history by ensuring 50,000 people crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge safely, marching for global

Explore our event services below. 

Event crew member near sydney harbour bridge

Pedestrian management

Event Security Management
Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)
Event Traffic Management and Planning